Welcome to My World!

I'm Sage. I don't do much really but what I do, I do well.  Pepper is the boss of me.  And I play ball.  Inside my home, I am slave to the Party Poodle but outside...I fetch until I drop. It is all rather simple but I am happy!  Hope you enjoy.  - :)

Common Stuff I do

I must get the humans out each day, Pepper helps me with that as she handles the humans rather much better than I do.  I used to play Frisbee.  That is what I trained the humans to do first.  That was fun and I got good at that too.  But I kept losing them, my eye off the ball you might say.  They became irritated with me, so I switched them over to balls.  My balls are tennis balls now.  I have no other balls.  They are bright green and I can find them though it doesn't matter as I've stashed hundred's of them around the neighborhood for those times when I am distracted. 

My Door mat

It says this: "Ask not for whom the dog barks...

...it barks for thee".


I am a working dog and I work for her.  You know who she is.  As I said she is the boss of me.  I must always be responsive to her or she will "woof" at me.  That is very bad and it has happened only once.  My duties are:

  1. Tell the humans when she needs anything.
  2. Go to the humans and make sure they get that message.
  3. If they humans fail to respond, then I need to work harder.