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GPSr List in GPX format, 3-22-2009, 232 stores  


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  INO Icon, bmp format for Poi file loader (from POI Factory, more there)  


INO Alert, MP3 format (record your own, mine's long and hokey or PF's)  


Store List by Zip Code in Word format, 6-15-2008  


Store List by County in Word format, 6-15-2008  

Gramin gpx or csv waypoint file and the bmp/mp3 files must all be named the same for the alerts to work correctly

Once upon a time, in a land far far away and in the old days before consumer GPSr's, INO published a nice store guide that showed all locations which included an area map to make it easy to find from the freeways.  They tossed that idea out and now print a small booklet that only has addresses and brief written instructions.  The booklet I last picked up was over a year old and prompted my original email to customer service about that antique guide.  This project is a follow-up to their response.  I had no clue how hard it would be to get INO to add a link to their web pages.  But now the mission is for INO to publish a GPX or similar file of all their stores. INO hired a vendor to move somewhat in that direction.  This current file is the result of that better data and along with some support unofficially by INO that enabled this current files creation and accuracy.

Some of the entries in this file have not been confirmed for accuracy but are what INO feels is the best entryway approach to their stores.  I spent several hours trying to confirm locations but your mileage will vary.  If you actually have the driveway or building coordinates, please send them and I'll substitute yours in place of the INO Google Pin Map data.  Please Email me if you have confirmed locations to correct my file or if you discover new stores not yet listed.  As of March 09, there are 232 stores in 4 states open or scheduled to open.

3-23-09:  The file has been completely updated and has the most accurate entry locations as shown by the new INO Pin Mapping.  It has been proofed and I believe it to be very accurate.  However there may be less then 5 stores that are someone out of place.  If you notice a glaring error or physical approach that is misleading, please email me the details and correct coords for the best approach to the store.  Most of this data today only very slightly changed the data I published before this upgrade.

2-24-2009:  I have updated the GPX file to now include "INO-" at the beginning of the title for each waypoint to aid in searching for stores rather than simply having the waypoints show on the maps.  The positions have been corrected that were grossly out of place (thanks Jan!) and I've begun adjusting the locations for the 1st 200 stores.  A work in progress.

I will no longer publish the Mapsource file.  Please let me know if other formats would be useful.  I should create a CSV file but my software doesn't create CSV's so it would ad another step.

Still no responses from INO.  A friendly store, family owned but still slow to embrace technology and it's faithful customers.   Grrr...

2-23-2009:  This project is now almost 2 years old.  I recently learned that INO has now published Google pin maps for each property (outsourced vendor).  While not expressly beneficial to this project, it appears that the maps will provide more exact locations than simply address lookups.  I am hoping to at the very least, update the GPX file with the new stores (10 more for a total of 232) with the exact coordinates today and then go back through the others and amend the locations, add address and store numbers.  These new locations BTW, appear to pin point the best entrance to the properties, not simply the location of the building or a common address in a multi-business complex.  The files dated 2-23-2009 have the 200th and new locations in the newer INO pin map format.  More updates to the first 200 stores...sooner or later...

6-15-2008:  No apparent progress blending INO and GPSr burger as yet.  Will write them again and put my gpx file on POI Factory also.  Added the newer stores to the list, including the first store in Utah, cross-checked with the INO published Table.  Corrected the newest Tustin Store as even the 2009 maps don't show Park correctly.  Made a recent driving trip to Washington State and made the stop at Redding, last INO in California.  Added the  sorted store list to this page in Word Format.

3-19-2008:  INO is still working on getting GPSr support to their customers.  They are trying to negotiate a 3rd party to publish the files.  We are into the 3rd year now since I published my first file.  So don't hold your breath for INO Marketing to get this double double to us.

7-1-2007:  So for now...I have updated my files to include all 213 stores (1 not yet open).  I have them here as here downloadable as GPX, GDB, and MPS files.  Also included is the BMP for the Garmin POI loader.  Right click on the file name and Save it to your computer.

Text of Letter sent to INO on 5-6-2006 asking for support of GPSr Customers

Bruce "Brooster" R Finley's (Davis, CA) complete INO GPX file (right click; save) that I discovered buried in the AdRider forum after I drafted my letter to INO. File includes addresses.  I will convert it to other formats if this projects get the brush-off from INO and Brooster is supportive of the effort.

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