Rules of Life According to a Poodle

My name is Pepper.  I was born on June 21, 2002.  Diana brought me to my new home when I was 6 weeks old.  I used to fit in Diana's open hand; I was a palm puppy.  But now I'm huge, 14 years old and very much, the alpha female in my house.  Sage is not the boss of me.  Even Mike and Diana, not so much.  I have rules and I think it will be helpful if everyone knows them.  So please pay attention to my Poodle Rules so that we all can have a good life together. 

After my rules, I will show you me over the years with cutesy captions too. You can click on any of my pictures for a bigger me.  My humans may have a few words at the end but rules are rules.


Pepper List of Poodle Rules

  1. Poodles have Rules!
  2. Poodles should NEVER be left alone
  3. You are not the boss of me
  4. Babies make me cry
  5. My babies come out at night
  6. Poodle feet should never get wet (can't go out when it has rained or the ground is wet)
  7. Do not touch the Poodle paws!
  8. I am a Pepper Shaker
  9. I sit in the front seat of the care when in E-Town (otherwise, back seat)
  10. My pack must stay together
  • I do like my beddies
  • I like my sweaters (when I'm cold)
  • I do like my blankies too
  • Poodle Belly (I'll flip over for a belly rub)
  • I will dance/rock  (my way to get a human's attention)
  • I have claws and I know how to use them (to get your attention; leg, door, boxes, cameras)
  • There are rules about poodle paws ( see rule 6 and 7)
  • Car rides are a love/hate relationship
  • No other animals may sniff my butt
  • Treat Treat after every Pee Pee
  • Mike cannot pay any attention to Sage
  • I must lick all plates clean
  • I can clang a (metal) bowl to get your attention
  • I hate going to the groomer/vet and I can violently shake (see rule 8)
  • When I scratch, you must respond
  • I sleep on or in the bed of my choice
  • No closed doors in the house
  • I can be be a devil dog!
  • Some of the best things I eat are "Bed-Worthy"!
  • Boney bone!
  • My human call me Puppy Trash, Poodle Trash, Pound Puppy Mill Trash and such but I know they don't mean it

My baby Ducky and me.  They call it a duck but it is really a quail.  -  Nov '07

Me with a few long gone babies a long time ago.  There we three squirrels at one time.  -  Nov 2007

More pictures to follow in time...

This page was published on Pepper's 14th birthday, June 21, 2016.  She was about 6 weeks old when she came home to Diana, Dave and Becca to live with them in Newport Beach California in the summer of 2002.  She moved to Costa Mesa in 2005 and then to Winthrop Washington in 2009 to live with Diana and Mike.  She is an amazing dog, fondly call puppy trash, mill puppy and Poodle trash.

Mike:  Happy 14th birthday Poodle!  In those early days, I did not like ankle biters, still don't...mostly.  I grew up with real outdoor dogs, never had a indoor lap dog.  When walking to Starbucks, I'd tell Diana to stay 15 feet behind me so people wouldn't think I was with you.  But over time, you actively worked on me, wore me down and ultimately won me over and became my dog as Diana still says to me and other people most days.  And you are not universally mine but primarily.  You have your pack, Diana, Sage and I.  You really wants us all to be together all the time and are visibly bothered when there are separations.  More to follow in time...


 Last revised:  06/27/2016