Mazama, Washington,  98833

Winthrop Fusion Repeater - 444.850  -5.00 Auto/Auto, No DSQ, DCS: 023

Mazama APRS Digipeater and iGate


DMR: 2 repeaters now in the upper valley, Mazama and Winthrop.  More information on the DMR network can be found at: PNWDigital.Net   Both repeaters support APRS-D also.

The 444.850 Fusion repeater operates in analog and/or Fusion digital modes on a first in/first out basis.  You should run DCS decode on your radios or you will be hearing the digital noise when the repeater is transmitting in digital mode.

This repeater is open for use by the ham public.  Email for additional details.

Email Mike, NO7RF  


Revised: 06/14/2021